JapanWork Terms of Service

When using the service provided by WILLOF WORK, Inc. (“Company”) (defined in Clause 1), please apply after confirming and accepting the following Terms of Service. If There is a little difference between Terms in Japaneseand Terms in English, Terms in Japanese is considered right. You can check Terms in Japanese. If you want to check the Japanese version, please click this link.
We are not responsible for misunderstanding by translating.

Clause 1 (The Service)

In these Terms of Service, “Service” means the staffing service called “JapanWork” operated by the Company (If the name or content of the service is changed for any reason, the service after the change is included).

Clause 2 (Member)

1. The member of the Service ("Member") means a user who has applied for use of the service in accordance with the method described and accepted by the Company.
2. The Member shall be deemed to have accepted the entire content of these Terms of Service at the time of application.

Clause 3 (Members' Responsibility)

1. Members shall register and become Members only at their own discretion.
2. Members shall register their information so that there are no defects and inconsistencies in the Service. The Company is not responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of defects and inconsistencies in the registered information.

Clause 4 (ID and Password Management)

1. When Members receive an ID and password from our company while using this Service, they are responsible for managing such ID and password.
2. Members shall not allow third parties to use, lend, transfer, buy or sell,etc. the above ID and password.
3. Insufficient management of ID and password, errors in use, and damages caused by the use of a third party, etc. shall be the responsibility of the Member and the Company shall not be liable.

Clause 5 (Cancellation of Registration, Prohibited Acts)

If the Member falls under any of the following, the registration of the Member may be canceled at the discretion of the Company and the provision of the Service may be terminated. Members shall not carry out the acts specified in items 4 to 11 when using the Service.
(1) The provisions of these Terms of Service are violated
(2) False information is provided or registered
(3) The Member does not reply without a good reason when the Company contacts the Member
(4) The Member directly contacts a hiring company (meaning a companyposting recruitment information on the Service; the same shall apply henceforth) that has been introduced by the Service without consent from the Company and gets interviewed or joins a company
(5) The Member fails to show up at a consultation, screening exam or interview without prior contact, or withdraw after accepting a job offer without a justifiable reason.
(6) The Member gives disadvantage, acts inappropriately such as insults,slanders, complains, discriminates, etc., or compromises the honor or credit of a hiring company, our Company or a third party
(7) The Member’s action leads to a crime
(8) The Member acts against the law or public policy
(9) The Company reasonably determines that the Member intends to usethe Service for sales activities, information-providing activities for profit, and other purposes other than job searching.
(10) The Member interferes with the operation of the Service or other services of the Company
(11) The Member damages the trust of our Company
(12) The Member repeatedly makes requests that exceed the scope of the Service
(13) There is no login for more than one year to the Member's page
(14) When the Company receives notification that the registered email address is owned by a third party and not by the Member, or if the Member's registered email address does not exist and when one month or more has passed since the last login
(15) The Member cannot receive the provision or cooperation of Facebook and other SNS services our Company uses by having violated the terms of service or other reasons
(16) The Member takes action that the Company deems inappropriate due to objective or rational reasons.

Clause 6 (Job Matching)

In providing the Service, our Company will match the registered information of the Member with the desired recruitment conditions by the hiring company, but we cannot communicate the examination criteria and the reason for the decision. Moreover, even when our Company accept an application for a hiring company from the Member, the Company may not make a recommendation for the relevant job offer, or may notify the Member on behalf of the hiring company that it does not comply with the recruitment conditions, upon judging the degree of conformity to the relevant job with reference to the selection criteria, etc. indicated by the hiring company

Clause 7 (Providing Information to Hiring Companies)

If the Member requests the Company to apply for a hiring company, the Company may provide the hiring company with information about the Member’s past awards and penalties, etc., after obtaining the Member’s consent in advance. The Service may not be provided if consent cannot be obtained from the Member.

Clause 8 (Fact-checking with hiring companies)

1. If there is a discrepancy between the information regarding working conditions and other contract details notified by the hiring company or job placement agency and the information provided by the Member, the Company may fact-check with the hiring company or job placement agency.
2. The Company may confirm with the hiring company or job placement agency the status of the Member's job change activity and the status of entering and leaving companies they applied for through the Service, to the extent necessary for the operation of the Service.

Clause 9 (Residential Status)

1. When the Member requests our Company to apply for a hiring company, the Member shall guarantee to our Company that the Memberhas residence status necessary to work in Japan.
2. In response to a request from the Company or the hiring company, theMember shall, in a manner prescribed by the Company or the hiring company, disclose a residence card and identification documents required to confirm the residential status necessary for the Member to work in Japan.

Clause 10 (Handling of personal information)

1. The Company properly acquires, uses, provides, and manages the personal information of members in accordance with the separate "Privacy Policy."
2. If the Member requests the Company to apply for a hiring company, the Member will be considered to have agreed that the Company will provide the personal information registered to the Service to the relevant hiring company.

Clause 11 (Disclaimer)

1. Our Company does not guarantee the following matters and shall be exempted from the responsibilities.
(1) The Service does not guarantee the employment or career change of the Member
(2) Recruitment information provided in the Service is provided under the responsibility of a third party, and the Company does not guarantee the credibility, accuracy, legitimacy, safety, appropriateness, and usefulness of such information.
(3) In the event of a dispute between a Member and a third party, the Member bears the responsibility and burden to discuss and resolve with such third party, and the Company shall not be liable for such disputes.
(4) Members shall enter into an employment contract with a hiring company based on their own responsibility, and the Company shall not be responsible for the conclusion of such employment contract.
(5) Our Company does not compensate(補償) for any damage caused by natural disasters, network failure, virus damage that cannot be prevented by common antivirus measures and other force majeure
(6) Our Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the Member due to problems, the interruption or suspension of provision of the Service, suspension of connections with the Service, specifications change, etc. that occur in Facebook and other SNS services used by our Company
(7) If a Member suffers damage due to the Member using this Service for a reason attributable to the Company, the liability of the Company is limited to the scope of the damage that occurred directly and realistically and not beyond such scope 2. The Company shall have all the necessary authority for the proper operation and management of the Service.

Clause 12 (Cancellation)

Members may cancel the Service at any time at their own discretion.

Clause 13 (Indemnification)

If a Member violates the provisions of these Terms of Service (including the violation of representations and warranties) and directly or practically damages the Company or a third party, the Member shall compensate for the damages.

Clause 14 (Changes to Services and Terms of Service, etc.)

1. The Company may change the content or temporarily interrupt the Service without prior notice to the Members.
2. The Company may suspend or terminate the provision of the Service on a long-term basis after notifying the
members with a certain advance notice period. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances, no notice may be given.
3. The Company may change these Terms of Service from time to time without prior approval from the Members. Changes to these Terms of Service shall take effect as soon as they are announced on the website of the Service. It is considered that the Member consents to the change of these Terms of Service by using the Service after the change of these Terms of Service.

Clause 15 (Exclusion of Antisocial Forces)

When using the service, the Member represents and warrants the following matters to the Company. Moreover, in the event of a breach of such representation or warranty, the Company shall immediately terminate the provision of the Service and may cancel the contract and application that the Company has separately concluded with the Member without any notice or demand.
(1) The Member is not an antisocial force (meaning an organized crime group member and its related organizations and other antisocial groups or powers as defined in the "Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members")
(2) Do not use antisocial forces and do not take comparable action
(3) Do not fund antisocial forces and do not take comparable action (4) Do not act in a manner that violates the Company's honor, etc., interferes with business, makes improper demands, or takes action in the name of an antisocial force.

Clause 16 (Court of Jurisdiction)

The governing law of these Terms of Service is Japanese law, and the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall be the court of jurisdiction for the first trial for all disputes arising in connection with these Terms of Service.

【Date of enactment of these Terms of Service】2021年4月1日